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The simple truths for being a founder Mar 16, 2019 “Being a founder isn’t easy” is something that I heard a million times but did not completely understand the sentiment before I actually became one. Prepping for 2019 Dec 25, 2018 2019 is just a few days away and I ended up retrospecting my life, goals and the events that have got me through the year. Most of the guiding paths Scale of things that don’t scale Nov 29, 2018 One of the take aways from life, starting up, doing things that are damn serious about is doing them in a way that doesn’t scale at the beginning. Escape Velocity and Products Nov 21, 2018 I still remember asking my physics teacher as to why can’t i throw my pencil into space when i was in 6th grade: That day i learnt something called Show it, sell it; hide them, keep them Nov 5, 2018 The best product marketing campaigns follow a very simple road map: “Show it, sell it; hide them, keep them” Show it : Optimize your marketing to The one that never was Oct 28, 2018 Naval Ravikant constantly talks about staying in the present and that strikes a chord with me all the time but there is just one problem, a The Best Mac Apps that I use everyday Oct 21, 2018 An interesting conversation is around app discovery and is one I ended up having with some friends of mine post Mac OS Mojave’s release. With the Next page