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Superhuman’s cocktail for Growth: February 7, 2021 SaaS If conversations in 2014 were all about Slack and its clones, come 2019 and the talk is all about an email client. Did you get any mails that had a My SaaS Startup’s Stupid Experiments February 7, 2021 SaaS Recently I was talking to a friend of mine and recounted my startup experiences, this time there was a slight difference: I was proud of all of the Second Innings: SaaS August 8, 2020 SaaS I was talking to a friend and recounting my experiences building multiple SaaS startups and why SaaS is generally a tough nut to break into. While I SaaS Learnings December 27, 2019 SaaS I have started a couple of SaaS startups, consulted and worked with a few more over the better part of the decade and most of my learnings come from