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Xbox Game Pass - Game Requests Feb 7, 2021 Random It’s almost a year since I have been using Xbox Games Pass and lord knows how much I have saved over the course by paying 10$ over buying 25-50$ 2 Months with my iPhone XR: May 30, 2019 random I recently picked up an iPhone XR and I just realised that I have been using it for nearly 2 month now as my Primary Device. Moving away from A brief hiatus with someone I barely knew Apr 14, 2019 random It was drizzling in an evening sometime this June or July where i found myself in a rather peculiar situation of sorts. I had been down to HSR Prepping for 2019 Dec 25, 2018 random 2019 is just a few days away and I ended up retrospecting my life, goals and the events that have got me through the year. Most of the guiding paths The Best Mac Apps that I use everyday Oct 21, 2018 random An interesting conversation is around app discovery and is one I ended up having with some friends of mine post Mac OS Mojave’s release. With the