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Curious case of Smartphone Addiction: Jun 28, 2020 musings Date: 2020-06-28 About a year ago I ended up getting an Apple Watch since it was on a sale. I had no (good) reason to buy the Apple Watch apart Start, Stop and Improve Apr 26, 2020 musings Date: 2020-06-12 Back when I was running Contactz I was in this weird dilemma, there were tons of things to do but very little time and lack of 30 Day Challenges: One month at a time! Aug 17, 2019 musings I had once heard that you typically over-estimate what you can do in a year and under-estimate what you can do in 5 year (or a decade) and I now Obvious lessons I have learned over the years Jun 22, 2019 musings Date: 2020-03-11 As I am writing this, I am hit with a realisation that in less than 2 months I will turn 23. I remember the 19 year old naive The one that never was Oct 28, 2018 musings Naval Ravikant constantly talks about staying in the present and that strikes a chord with me all the time but there is just one problem, a