Going beyond step one!

Its hard to admit a couple of things for me but one of the things I have come to terms with is acknowledging the flaw of me taking the first step and then not looking back. Anything I want to do, I take the first step after a lot of hesitation and thought and once I go through motions of starting the first step its gone.. swoosh!

Un-Wooshing it! I wanted to become fit, something I have never given priority about since childhood. So after some thought I finally gave in, and like every privileged asshole I went and enrolled at a Gym. Good thing right? Well, yeah, I turned up one day and found an excuse to not show up anymore which was their requirement of wearing Sports Shoes. So screw the money, let me not go back. Required vaccination/intoxication so I explained my rationale to anyone who asked and forgot about it. Again my initial reaction to this was to take the first step viz acknowledging this and then again forgetting about this.

The new mantra is simple: Take the first step damn it, once you do go beyond it”

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